The essence of the Scraplets is reclaimed wood.  They're all made out of timber that's been used and chucked away, scrap wood that would have either been burnt or shipped to China or stuck in a landfill somewhere.  There's no need for that, it's perfectly good wood.  It just needs a bit of TLC and some imagination.

Reclaimed wood is gaining more and more importance in furniture, products, construction and interiors. I'll get wood from wherever I can - old buildings, barns, wooden decks, old furniture, wooden crates, pallets ... there's so many sources available to us that it makes no sense to keep cutting all those trees down!  

I'm a great believer in reclaiming and recycling as many materials as I can.  My wife finds it infuriating.  She married a wood hoarder though!  

For many years I've enjoyed making furniture and artworks from salvaged materials and have built up quite the collection of offcuts and odds and ends. I've never really liked throwing things out, always thinking that one day I'll find a home for that old rusty bolt, or that the twisted hook I've been saving might eventually come in useful... And so it proves.  Scraplets are a perfect embodiment of my beliefs and views about reclaimed wood.