Flamingo Land

Gary Frenchkiss is my name,
A small blue robot, I'm not the same,
As those big daft ones with flashing lights,
I'm simple, wooden, a beautiful sight.

Today I'm at Flamingo Land,
With Eamonn Holmes, a TV brand,
We ride the coasters, spin around,
And hear the joyful children's sound.

But something's wrong, I can tell,
Eamonn's face is not quite well,
He tells me of his wife's demise,
Her heavy drinking, her many lies.

He confides in me, his small blue friend,
And I listen, nod, and comprehend,
I cannot help for I am not real
My only desire is for him to heal.

As we wander through the park,
I see the sadness in his heart,
But he tries to smile, to have some fun,
And I know, with time, he'll overcome.

So here we are, at Flamingo Land,
Two best friends, hand in metallic hand,
We'll ride the rides, laugh and play,
And forget our troubles, just for today.

Gary Frenchkiss OBE

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