Totally forgot about this blog. Shit, eh? All my good intentions at the start of the year faded away after a mere two posts. 

Sheer willpower there. 

But let's be honest, there's been bugger all to report during lockdown, so let's pretend it never happened. 

All I've been doing is sanding, painting, waxing, buffing and making Scraplets. Then going to the Post Office every now and then. It's a simple life.

I've had one eye on society opening back up and aiming at doing a few markets, so building stock has been my priority during the last days of lockdown. I've thought extensively about the logistics of having hundreds of Scraplets knocking about the place and, frankly, it's terrifying. 

I did my first pop-up market last week and it was great - @interplaytheatre in Armley It was the first time taking the Scraplets out in to the world to meet the public and it was a great success! Hurrah!

I honestly love seeing people's faces and reactions to them. The 'oh, aren't these cute?' initial look and then they read the tags and it quickly changes to 'what the fuck...?' It proper makes it for me. I've only had internet reactions to the Scraplets before so seeing it in real life is pretty special.

Interestingly, One Eyed Mister C was the hit of the day. His nefarious deeds seem to endear him to many. Gary Frenchkiss is fucking jealous now though.

I've got a few more markets lined up for the next few months, which is exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Luckily I had my first Covid jab yesterday so I'm a little less concerned about the milling about with people aspect of it all, and it really gives me something to focus on and look forward to over the next couple of months. I dream of getting a van and going in tour with the Scraplets across the country... But I'm going to keep it local for now as there's only so much we can fit in the wife's tiny car. 

I'll be posting more details of the venues and events soon, so keep an eye on social media and the website to see where we're going to be rocking up!





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